Profile Business Management System

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Increasing Profit
Sample Markets
The intelligent design of Profile Business Software means that it can be implemented in almost any type of Business. Below is a partial list of Business types catered for:
  • Retail
  • Builders Providers
  • Hardware Stores
  • Wall Paper and Paint
  • Furniture
  • Quarries
  • Giftware
  • Plumbing Suppliers
  • Distribution
  • Automotive Parts
  • Electrical Retail
  • Electrical Wholesale
  • Farm Machinery
  • Drinks Distributors
  • Tyre Distributors
  • Office Supplies Distribution
  • Construction
  • ... and many more

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POS Bank Purchase
Nominal Stock
Customers Suppliers Payroll & HR
Base Technologies

POS This module is a comprehensive sales management system with invoicing rules tailored to meet the needs of individual companies. The system can operate any number of tills (having specific parameters set for each till). It can link your standard PC to a tallyroll printer, operate customer displays and cash drawers.

BankThe cash book system is a means of providing an up to date bank position, while at the same time analysing payment by classification and dates and providing full bank transaction information.

Purchase ManagementThe Purchase Management is a comprehensive purchase management system with invoicing rules tailored to meet the needs of individual companies.

NominalThe Nominal Ledger or General Ledger is central to the Profile suite of Accounting programs. Virtually all other modules are linked to the Nominal Ledger.

Sales Management Sales module is a comprehensive sales management system with invoicing rules tailored to meet the needs of individual companies.

StockThe Stock Control system is a stock acquisition and distribution system as well as optimising stock holdings with a minimum of administrative input and cost.

CustomersThe Debtors Ledger has been designed to provide an efficient yet easy to use computer system which retains the audit trail of the traditional manual Debtors Ledger while at the same time providing a wealth of management information.

SuppliersThe Creditors Ledger is designed to put the company in total control of Creditor Liabilities by controlling cash payments, reducing administrative effort, documenting activities and providing accurate purchase analysis for management decision making.

Payroll & HRIrish Payroll is a specially designed payroll control system which contains detailed analyses of pay related files, an adjustable payroll run analysis and multiple tax related reports.

  • Software

    Profile have designed a fully integrated suite of accounting software programs for business management and financial management.


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  • Payroll & HR

    Profile Payroll & HR is a simple to use, efficient to process and complete solution for all your Payroll & HR needs. It meets all the Government Payroll Reporting Requirements and is approved by ROS. It assists in the management of the organisations most important resource the Human Rescource. VIEW PAYROLL DEMO

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  • Services

    Profile provide all of the IT requirements of your business from one highly qualified systems provider. It's as if you had your own inhouse software development and support IT company looking after all your individual needs.

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  • Support

    Profile Technology maintain a Full Support Help Desk to provide for all aspects of user support, software updates, maintenance and hardware. We can normally login and fix any issue using Quick Support link above for immediate resolution. Please allow this program to run for assistance.

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  • Technologies

    Profile Technology are leaders in innovation. We embrace new technologies at the earliest possible date and integrate these into our product offerings as soon as the technology is sufficiently stable.

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  • Hardware

    Computers, Monitors, Printers, Mobile & Wireless Devices, Point Of Sale Terminals, Peripherals

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  • iStockTaker App

    Designed for Business stocktaking

    • Benefits
    • Simplicity
    • Eliminates the need and complexity of expensive dedicated devices
    • Use in a BYOD environment
    • Efficient
    • Accurate as using barcodes eliminates code keying errors
    • Saves time and money
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  • iStockPro App

    iStockPro is designed for use with Profile Technology’s Business Management system

    • There are currently two options available within this app
    • Stock Check
    • Stock Take
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  • SEPA

    Is your Business Ready for SEPA? Profile Technology Business Software is now SEPA ready. If you currently use Profile You are SEPA ready.

    If your Software is not SEPA ready contact Profile for an immediate solution to your SEPA and OTHER Business management needs.

  • Profile Accounts software has now been Tested by Microsoft and we have gained an Independent Software Vendor award from them.

Latest News

Covid-19 Update

As you are now aware, Profile have implemented a number of internal policies during this emergency. We have a minimal number of staff working in the office with most of our staff working from home. This policy is designed to keep our staff and their families safe and this policy forms a part of our Business Continuity Plan. See More
24 March 2020


From April 2019, making tax digital (MTD) will come mandatory for VAT registered companies whose taxable turnover is above £85,000. Vat returns for qualifying businesses will need to be submitted electronically by HMRC approved software. Profile's Accounts software is now MTD compliant See More
19 February 2019

PAYE Modernisation

From 01/01/2019, every employer will be required to submit their payroll run details to Revenue according to PAYE Modernisation legislation. Profile's Payroll Software is compliant. Please contact Profile for details
30 September 2018

GDPR Policy

Please contact Profile support for a copy of our GDPR policy document
24 May 2018

Christmas Jumper Day For Simon

Profile Staff & Management held a Christmas Jumper Day in aid of the North West Simon Community See More
21 December 2017