Profile Technology are leaders in innovation. We embrace new technologies at the earliest possible date and integrate these into our product offerings as soon as the technology is sufficiently stable.

Profile Technology are currently developing using Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL Server

Profile Technology are currently using Operating Systems up to and including Server 2012 Version, Windows 7, 8 & 10

Profile Technology uses all Microsoft Office Products and integrate these into our own Profile Software

Biometric Fingerprint

Profile Technology have integrated Biometric Fingerprint access and identification control of Profile Software and overall system access.

Electronic Signature

Profile Technology has incorporated electronic signature scanning into Profile Technology Software.

Radio Link Handheld Scanning Devices

Profile Technology has integrated Radio Link handheld scanning devices as input/output devices instead of Personal Computers. Mobile Phones can also be used in some circumstances.

Mobile Workforce Solution

Profile Technology has a Mobile workforce solution, to enable secure remote system access for sales orders, quotes, deliveries and all possible requirements when off site.