The Stock Control system is a stock acquisition and distribution system as well as optimising stock holdings with a minimum of administrative input and cost.

Each module within Profile Accounts Software has many definable parameters, so that each installation can be setup as required by our clients. Click the link to see a list of Parameters.

Sample Features of Stock Control

  • Batch Traceability for various business types
  • Up to sixteen levels of pricing linked to Debtors Ledger Customer Class
  • Transaction types : Receipts / Purchase Returns / Purchases Returns Damaged / Issues / Sales Returns / Sales Returns Damaged / Sales Orders / Purchase Orders / Wastage / Adjustments / Opening Balance
  • Sales costing by last price paid, average cost or cost keyed at stock item level of detail
  • Stock item profitability
  • Stock on order, stock on hand and stock reserved
  • Handles partial issues (e.g. gallons remaining in a drum)
  • Handles complex stock items such as timber
  • Separate stock purchase and sales V.A.T. rates per item
  • Multiple stock locations
  • Bin control
  • Retains orders out by customer
  • Retains orders in by supplier
  • Physical stock take control and automatic adjustment feature
  • Handles user defined cost calculations
  • Handles user defined selling price calculations
  • Supports user defined "Rounding Rules" tables
  • Handles promotions
  • Links to Purchase Invoicing
  • Links to Sales Invoicing
  • Supports bar codes including internal and / or manufacturer (inner and outer)
  • Scanned stock take
  • Supports supplier and customer stock codes
  • Supports stock item prices by supplier
  • Supports stock item prices by customer
  • Full Branch Support