The Nominal Ledger or General Ledger is central to the Profile suite of Accounting programs. Virtually all other modules are linked to the Nominal Ledger.

It is designed to document all company activities in a central location which will provide the core management information on which critical management decisions can be made.

Each module within Profile Accounts Software has many definable parameters, so that each installation can be setup as required by our clients. Click the link to see a list of Parameters.

Sample Features of the Nominal Ledger

  • Multiple Companies sharing the same Nominal Ledger
  • Company's consolidation user selected
  • Full Branch Support
  • Multiple years and periods active simultaneously
  • Adjustments in prior years automatically updates subsequent years and periods
  • Budget performance analysis
  • Comparative historical analysis
  • Different modules can be in different periods and/or years
  • Automatic update from Debtors Ledger
  • Automatic update from Creditors Ledger
  • Automatic update from Sales Management
  • Automatic update from Purchases Management
  • Automatic update from Stock Control (optional)
  • Automatic update from Payroll
  • Separate Nominal Ledger input via direct double entry journals
  • Detail retained at V.A.T. entry, Analysis entry, Journal entry and payment entry level of detail
  • User selective report parameters and report sequences
  • Up to 99,999 different accounts in the Chart of Accounts
  • Transactions may be analysed under up to three additional headings in parallel
  • Recurring Journals, Journals reversal and proportional allocations
  • Full report writing facilities