Profile Payroll & HR is a simple to use, efficient to process and complete solution for all your Payroll & HR needs. It meets all the Government Payroll Reporting Requirements and is approved by ROS. It assists in the management of the organisations most important resource the Human Rescource.


  • Complete Irish Payroll System (Revenue Approved)
  • Simple employee setup
  • Simple employee maintenance
  • User defined Payment and Deductions types
  • Pay directly into multiple employee Banks
  • SEPA compliant, can use smart phone, iPad etc. to process

Human Resources

  • Handles Shift Differentiations, Piece Rates etc.
  • Handles work Grades, Work Categories and work types
  • Handles company-wide work calendar
  • Handles individual employee work calendar
  • Calculates Holiday and Sick employee entitlements
  • Maintains Holiday and Sick Liability for the organisation
  • Pre-set and User Defined Personnell Reporting

Statutory Reporting

  • Revenue
    • P30, P35, P35L, P45 and P60 Revenue approved electronic Reporting to ROS
    • P2C’s Processed electronically
    • Local Property TAX Calculations and Reporting
  • CSO
    • Earnings, Hours and Employment Cost Summary (EHECS) maintenance and reporting with electronic uploads

Security & Confidentiality

  • Tiered password Protection based on “need to know” criteria
  • All payroll changes are logged on a who did what when where basis
  • Each Pay Period is kept as processed and can be audited by Pay Period